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moon milk | eau de parfum

moon milk | eau de parfum

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mood: oat milk latte

Originally named "Oat", this best-seller is a true neutral with creamy-calm lactonic notes paired with ancient grounding Ayurvedic spices. your new favorite nightcap - bottled.


top - vegan oat milk, vanilla 

middle - stale puffed barley, almond

base - sandalwood, cardamom


1.7 oz. / 50ml 
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Customer Reviews

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I fell in love with this fragrance at a craft fair and I’m so glad I took it home with me. This smells delicious and sweet, like a French bakery where they just baked a vanilla cake.

My first review I've ever made for a reason

Y’ALL!!!! I HAVE NEVER!!! IN MY LIFE!!!!! SMELLED A PERFUME AS PERFECT AS OAT!!!!!! (and I have a collection of 50+ perfumes) It smells super powdery and creamy and isn’t too cloying. This hands down gets me the most compliments and when people get a whiff they can’t stop smelling me. Even people who hate perfume say they love how this smells. The best way to describe this fragrance is an oat milk latte with vanilla. If you meet someone who says that don’t like this perfume they’re lying!!!!


I'm working my way through all the House of Foster scents I ordered this fall/winter. Nectar is my current favorite. It is subtle, but noticeable. Reminiscent, but different. And it is among the more feminine scents in the collection. With quarantine, I find myself wishing I had more places to wear this beauty!

On another note: For a small business, the customer service is amazing. Despite inventory and shipping challenges, the owner was kind enough to deliver my order PERSONALLY to ensure I received it in time for the holidays. Thank you!

Lucy Pollock

nectar | eau de parfum