do you really use upcycled ingredients IN your scents?

I sure do! I started by selling at small farmers markets here in Ohio, where I was intimately connected with the produce that surrounded me. While purchasing inventory I became aware of how much the fragrance industry contributed to the overburdening of biodiversity. In addition, even more ingredients get wasted because they don't pass the "vibe check" for the masses - aka they're not pretty enough.

I leveraged my relationships to use these ingredients and start infusing them myself. Now that we're heading towards expansion, I've excitedly found a large fragrance house that will continue this work by taking beauty industry waste - from leftover jasmine petals to sandalwood shavings to fungi - and continue to use them in our luxury fragrance at retail scale.

This method is not only sustainable, but it's my not-so-secret way of adding incredible depth and character to the fragrances as opposed to the other natural ones on the market - or the use of harsh synthetics.

how long do the candles burn?

our candles are 10 oz. / 296 g and burn for approximately 70-75 hrs!

what is a cotton wick?

this is our classic wick. a lead-free, organic cotton core wick twisted with natural hemp twine, and dipped in our signature wax blend. we've used this method since the beginning and it's key to our even, long-burning candles with a controlled flame.


are the candle jars reusable?


not only are the candle jars reusable - but they are manufactured with recyclable glass. they are bpa / heavy metal free and dishwasher safe as well.

where are your candles made?

all products are currently made right here in Columbus,OH. while we hope to expand over the next year, the goal is to always keep a close eye on the production of our products here in the US.

what ingredients is your parfum base made of?

our parfum base includes a blend of organic sugarcane alcohol, vegan humectants (to act as a barrier and moisturizer from the alcohol), and a non-comedogenic fatty oil emulsifier (for added skin nourishment and hydration).

how long does the perfume last on the skin?

our eau de parfums are carefully formulated with extracts and potent absolutes at the forefront. this encourages sillage, ensuring you can wear it all day without needing to reapply.

how long will 1.7oz of perfume last me?

a good while! if it's your only perfume and you wear it daily, our 1.7 oz. / 50ml bottles would last you several months. if you're simply adding it to your collection, expect your bottle to last for a year or more.


are your fragrances really gender-neutral? what does that mean?

absolutely! it means our fragrances are designed with everyone in mind. we don't follow the strict gender lines of the mass market, which allows us creative freedom when it comes to composing notes that are diverse, intriguing, and fit for anyone to wear. we believe a quality fragrance can be worn by whomever it speaks to - no matter the gender.