what ingredients are your candles made of?

our wax |
House of Foster's candles are made with a custom plant-based, coconut wax blend. What does that mean? Our chemistry-loving founder formulated our wax from scratch- using high quality natural waxes, coconut oils, and fruit oils that are economically sourced and sustainable. Our wax is handcrafted in-house and carefully incorporated into each batch of candles.

our candles contain NO - paraffin, soy, or mystery wax fillers that other brands use. the result is a clean, long-burning vegan candle with a superior creamy appearance, strong fragrance throw, and minimal soot.

our fragrances |
our fragrances are a blend of natural extraits (extracts), absolutes, isolates, safe essential oils, and safe synthetics.
through much research, we've explored the definition of each of these terms and have carefully and painstakingly searched the market for the safest fragrances out there. because of this, our blends are vegan, phthalate-free, and safe to burn/apply.
more specifically, we've delved deep into which essential oils are actually safe for burning - instead of just going with what smells good. when necessary, we also impart safe synthetics into our blends that use naturally-occurring components to create an accord in-lab - as to not overharvest our precious ecosystem.
all in all, you get an incredibly diverse and unique range without much worry as to heavy metals, chemicals, or toxins.
our essentials |

here's a short run-down on more of our ingredients - what they are and why we use them. 

coco glucoside
a plant-based cleanser and gentle foaming agent derived from coconuts. this mild cleanser is vegan, readily biodegradable with no harm to wildlife, and ECOCERT / EWG safe. it brings a luxe, milky foam to our cleansing nectar that when combined with our oils, doesn't strip the skin.
citric acid
a naturally occurring acid from fruit, we added citric acid to our cleansing nectar to improve product performance for those with hard water or low-pressure water systems while also protecting against rancidity and oxidation.
benzyl alcohol
a naturally derived preservative used in replacement of harsh parabens. benzyl alcohol is the same aromatic organic alcohol found in a variety of fruits, teas, and essentials oils like Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. it brings a subtle, natural fragrance without the use of fragrance oils or essential oils on the body.
isopropyl myristate
this vegetable derived emollient promotes quick absorption into the skin and lends a silky, weightless feel to the foster oil.
olive squalane
an oil derived from extracting fresh, extra-virgin olive oil - what remains after the process is olive squalane - a plant-based moisturizer that replicates your natural sebum.

are your candles clean?

"clean" is a broad term used in our industry, and often out marketing tactics. because of this, we like to keep it transparent as to what are products are and are not. 
are products ARE: 100% vegan, non-animal tested, phthalate free, paraben free, benzene free
and although we use organic ingredients in our waxes and alcohols, the only thing are products are not is 100% natural. why? for good reason!

in order to prevent overharvesting, we chose a couple safe synthetics that mimic our nature-inspired fragrances. these synthetics are made with highly strict consideration to chemicals, toxins, and hazards banned in the US and Europe. this ensures we don't contribute to growing pollution, wildfires, and other consequences that may stem from fragrance companies.

how long do the candles burn?

our candles are 10 oz. / 296 g and burn for approximately 70-75 hrs

what's the difference between a cotton hemp wick and a wooden wick?

here at House of Foster we have two wick options for our candle vessels:

cotton hemp wick -
this is our classic wick. a lead-free, organic cotton core wick twisted with natural hemp twine, and dipped in our signature wax blend.
crackling wooden wick -

this is our crackling wick. an eco-sourced wooden wick crafted from native sap trees that crackles as it burns - as a fireplace would. 

are the candle jars reusable?


not only are the candle jars reusable - but they are manufactured with recyclable glass as cocktail + whisky tumblers. this means they are dishwasher safe, bpa / heavy metal free, and safe for drinking, plant potting, and more. they are recyclable as well.

where are your candles made?

our candles (and all other products) are proudly made right here in Columbus,OH where our studio + headquarters is located!

each candle and fragrance is blended, hand-poured and packaged by us every day.

eau de parfum /

what ingredients is your parfum base made of?

our parfum base includes a blend of organic witch hazel, organic grape alcohol, bittering agents (to deter digestion), vegan humectants (to act as a barrier and moisturizer from the alcohol), and a non-comedogenic natural oil-based emulsifier (for added skin nourishment and hydration).

how long does the perfume last on the skin?

our eau de parfums are carefully formulated with extraits (extracts) and potent absolutes at the forefront. this means our perfume not only has a stable, solid throw but also lasts long on the skin ensuring you can wear it all day without needing to reapply.

how long will 100ml of perfume last me?

a good while! if it's your only perfume and you wear it daily, our 3.4 oz. / 100ml bottles would last you several months (6-7). if you're simply adding it to your collection, expect your bottle to last for a year or more.


are your fragrances really gender-neutral? what does that mean?

absolutely! it means our fragrances are designed with everyone in mind. we don't follow the strict gender lines of the mass market, which allows us creative freedom when it comes to composing notes that are diverse, intriguing, and fit for anyone to wear. we believe a quality fragrance can be worn by whomever it speaks to - no matter the gender.