welcome to House of Foster!
the third batch is sold out. but we will be back soon! 
sample fragrances are still sold out. some backorders went out on 3/15, at which point we realized our order was not complete and contained glass sample vials that were not up to our standards. as such, all sample set refunds (that were not already shipped or delivered) will go out today 3/29. this will include a full refund of the original purchase price and a complimentary gift card for the inconvenience. this is unfortunately a situation we had little control over, but, will full refunds going out we hope to find another way to offer sample packs again soon! 
free local delivery is still available and all orders can be tracked live under the "Track Your Order' tab. all orders are still being sanitized in between batches in our studio before being shipped/delivered.
feel free to check the contact page should you need additional assistance!