our warmer fragrances.

it's officially October. as the weather gets cooler, the candle burning commences. for candle fanatics, this is a year-round ritual. the truth is, whether you burn candles day-in and day-out (even when it's 90 degrees) or wait for the fall feels to arrive, these curated picks are sure to be your next seasonal favorite: 


meet resin -

an invigorating oriental, resin is perfect for those cold, rainy days. starting off as a citrusy + rain mashup, this fragrance settles into tea undertones. as it burns, the candle emits an accord of ambery incense, star anise, and that oh so familiar spruce + balsam. 

bonus - try the eau de parfum to add a little spice on the go.




shop resin candle: https://thehouseoffoster.com/collections/signature-candles/products/resin-signature-candle 

shop resin parfum: https://thehouseoffoster.com/collections/eau-de-parfum/products/resin-eau-de-parfum


meet origin - 

origin is a moody dream come true. a sultry blend of boozy plum syrup, tobacco, and winter jasmine give off camp nostalgia vibes. deeper into the fragrance you'll find guaiacwood, making this the perfect mysterious concoction.

bonus - try adding the eau de parfum to your perfume collection to lift those incoming winter blues!



shop origin: https://thehouseoffoster.com/products/originsignaturecandle

shop origin parfum: https://thehouseoffoster.com/products/origineaudeparfum


meet oat - 

not everyone gravitates towards the sugar + spice that the season brings. enter oat - the perfect neutral. a calming blend of barley, chamomile, and classic vanilla - oat is perfect for when you just want a nice, comforting scent. 

pro tip - layer on the eau de parfum version of this neutral - it goes with everything!




shop oat: https://thehouseoffoster.com/collections/signature-candles/products/oat-signature-candle

shop oat parfum: https://thehouseoffoster.com/products/origineaudeparfum



there you have it! each one of these choices are perfectly tailored to the season and are sure to warm up your senses in the frigid months ahead. what's your favorite? 


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